How to Search Internet ?

The best way to search internet is through This site is the best friend of a hacker in the world. But there are few tips that should be remembered while searching google:

  1. You must enter the keyword as efficient as it can be. It all depends on the searcher and topic he/she is searching. If he/she enter the most significant word , he/she can find the best results on the first page otherwise going through 2-3 is not a painful task.
  2. Above technique is most common and everybody uses it. But the technique used for downloading the topic related content is somehow different. Suppose we have to download an ebook then the best way is to type in the name and the author ( here google also provide hinting which is best and should be used ) and after that type “download”. But this is not efficient as the way which is below.
  3. There are many file hosting sites available throughout the web like,,,,,,,,, and many others , this list is unending. The point is that there are many users that upload the files on these sites and many sites are there where these users can post the link of their file. What we should know that how to reach these posts so that we can find out the link and download the content.
  4. There are many techniques:
    1. One is that u should have a knowledge of some sites so that u can search them for your topic. Some of them are,,,, and many more , u can find them by typing “warez” or other keyword specific on google..
    2. Other way is that u can type your topic on google and add name of these hosting sites. Example: “Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 rapidshare” or “Adobe Dreamweaver CS4” (rapidshare is most popular).
    3. Many users like to download through torrents but they are not efficient for all kinds of topics. I like as it gives all the posts on different torrent sites.


What i do in these days is that i go to (a forum site) and select the category my topic matches and do a search for my topic and open one of the search result and download the required link.

Also i like to mention is that most of these sites do not support resume or download manager except some of them like i like it most). Also is the best site to get mediafire links.