Good Programming Sites

The time when i joined my college i am crazy about programming. I have searched google a lot and came up with the list of these websites which i feel one should look. There are many other which i don’t know but still i know some of them.

Here’s the list:

  1. : This site despite of giving the knowledge on various upcoming problems , also provides many prizes and exposure to industry oriented competitions. This is really a must have look site.
  2. : About this site is that , it’s really must see site. It can be used as a reference website for projects and students can learn many concepts from here too.
  3. : This site is really a cool site. For beginners and fun loving programmer, this a must look up site.
  4. : This is really a must for real and genius programmer. Its really a tough site for beginners but hard core programmers must see it. It consists of some really good and hard problems.