FlowPlayer and Jquery Tools

While going through the web player plug-ins on the internet , i come across this awesome new generation flash player plug-in , flowplayer 3.2 . If you go through the website u will find many demos and tutorials to get it working on your own website in few minutes(for expert) or a day(for beginner) :) :) :) . The site gives u complete walk through of the embedding process and how u can makeover your player  for good looking sites.

The most important part comes here. When i was going through the site i have come across the Jquery tools link at the home page. If u like to makeover your site with extra stuffs like tabs , rollover, images plug-ins and etc. then this is the place where u should go because with minimal amount of coding and effort u can make awesome-blossom sites which u cannot do with thousands of lines of coding with JavaScript or PHP.

Please do visit http://www.flowplayer.org , these things are awesome for website development or i should say must. Some sample code and demos can be found out on website , but i will too post so till then wait………



Javascript Libraries

When i started doing my first website project which i have to submit to college as my assignment in java , I have come across many programming languages, techniques to build amazing sites, pre-build libraries , css, themes, and javascript libraries(Imp).

There are many Javascript Libraries I have come across to build small parts of my websites and they offer less coding and more output. Some of them are with their links:

  1. http://www.jquery.com and http://www.jqueryui.com : My Favourite one.
  2. http://www.sencha.com : EXT JS Library , extremely good for dynamic websites.
  3. http://www.dojotoolkit.org : Most famous library on the internet.
  4. Scriptaculous
  5. Yahoo Javascript Library.
  6. Adobe Spry Framework.
  7. ETC. and many more……….