IIT Guwahati Student Song Died from Cancer….. :(

Emptiness – A Song By IIT Guwahati Student

Awesome Song, Written By a student of iit guwahati for her Girlfriend. He died after 15 days of recording the song because he is suffering from cancer. I don’t know the whole story but on the internet i found that this guy loved a gal and probably the girlfriend rejected him, sad   :( .

The name of the Guy is Rohan Rathore.



Javascript Libraries

When i started doing my first website project which i have to submit to college as my assignment in java , I have come across many programming languages, techniques to build amazing sites, pre-build libraries , css, themes, and javascript libraries(Imp).

There are many Javascript Libraries I have come across to build small parts of my websites and they offer less coding and more output. Some of them are with their links:

  1. http://www.jquery.com and http://www.jqueryui.com : My Favourite one.
  2. http://www.sencha.com : EXT JS Library , extremely good for dynamic websites.
  3. http://www.dojotoolkit.org : Most famous library on the internet.
  4. Scriptaculous
  5. Yahoo Javascript Library.
  6. Adobe Spry Framework.
  7. ETC. and many more……….


Want to download movies in 400mb only?

Most of the people i have come across know how to download movies using torrents. There are many popular sites like www.torrentz.comwww.btjunkie.orgwww.piratebay.org,www.kickasstorrents.com(My favourite one), www.alivetorrents.com etc. Most popular uploaders are : “axxo”, “fxg”(ma favourite) , “maxspeed”, “imagine”, “1337x noir”, “fxm”.

This is the good way and probably the easiest way to download movies. Best softwares includeVuze(favourite), bitorrent etc.

But here i wanna tell something about the size of the movies u get when u download them using torrents. Its around 700mb the smallest one otherwise u should find them in 800mb, 900mb, …..highest around 8gb. The thing is that our computer space is limited and all of us want good print in minimum size. So there is an alternative method which can be used if someone has good internet speed available.

I have first seen these types of movie formats on http://www.warez-bb.org but eventually i came up with the other sites also like www.300mbunited.com and www.krazzy7.com(favourite one). The unloaders upload movies on file hosting sites and provides links on their sites. The best part is that the size is as small as 400mb, 350mb, 325mb, highest may be around 800mb(blu ray rip) and the print is as good as hd-rip.

All last i can say that please do visit www.krazzy7.com as he is an indian uploader and provides subtitles also for movies.


IIT’s OpenCourseware

All the top IIT’s and the Indian Government jointly started an opencourseware namely NPTEL(National Programme on Technology and Enhanced Learning).
It’s very useful to those who find themselves bored from college education and need a good understanding of the topic for their semester examinations.
Also, the students preparing for exams like GATE for admission in IIT for MTech find this courseware useful for preparation.

Please do visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in .

Knowledge is all about Sharing.

And our Sir told me that , We are born genius with unlimited potential.



Freecorder :

Powerful, Free Video Downloader, Audio Recorder & Converter

This is an awesome sound and video recorder. Please visit the site http://www.applian.com/freecorder4/ to know more.

I used it first time in my college event : Talent walk, when the song is not available for download but it is available on for listening. When i searched for it no links are there for download on Google.

Please do check it out , it’s awesome!