People use to call me MTO(Mental Torture Origin). I like to do computer all day all night. Internet is my life and life is really difficult without it but life without computer is really not possible for me.

I like eating pizzas and burger especially of domino’s and McDonald’s.

I like to read about web languages and related contents most of the time. I also like to read about data structures , algorithms and network and cryptography Algorithms also. My favorite programming language is Java. I also like c and c++.

What I know:

  1. HTML, CSS
  2. PHP, JSP and Servlets, Javascript.
  3. Javascript libraries like jquery, dojo, extjs etc.
  4. Java and Swing.
  5. Eclipse and Netbeans (like Eclipse)
  6. Aptana Studio
  7. Dreamweaver CS4
  8. C and C++ with Data Structures and wxwidgets , Qt by nokia.



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